I didn’t know what to expect with my “intro” session. And I had a little reservation about “putting” myself out there. Vulnerability is not something that comes easy for me. Trust came automatic with Amanda. She has an ease about her, complimented by gentleness, caring and insightfulness. 

We hit some of my blocks and I was impressed with her approach and her skill with the “mirror technique” and with her coaching ability in general.  She definitely made an impact on my inner self and I will be having additional sessions with her.

- Carrie

I had the most beautiful session with Amanda. It was exactly what I needed. We covered everything that was bothering me in my heart and went so deep. Afterwards, I just felt so much stillness, peace and clarity in my heart. 

Amanda is such an incredible coach with so much experience and passion for this work. She is truly an embodiment of the teachings and being coached by her will catapult you forward on your journey. She uses both logic and spirituality to connect you with the Truth of God, which just makes it so perfect and easy to release all resistance. Thank you Amanda for our amazing session, I love you!

- Sama

"Amanda is very sweet and gentle, she has a great ability to quickly identify the best way to guide someone through their upsets with ease and comfort-ability. Her patient and understanding poise really allowed me to feel comfortable sharing myself with her immediately. Our session went very smoothly healing deeper levels of my consciousness. Amanda really helped me get through some heavy stuff to a place of peace and freedom within myself. I definitely recommend working with her on a regular basis, if you desire those same results and desire a coach with high integrity."

- Jason

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