Your Coach

Guiding you back to peace, connecting you to your soul, remembering who you are.  

Our spiritual journey begins before we are even aware that we create our reality.  I was what you call 'asleep' most of my life, fighting with what I felt was internal demons.  I felt like I was broken.  I felt like I was alone.  Something was always missing and I was always searching outside of myself for that 'thing'.  I had the 6 figure corporate job, the million dollar home and a cottage on the lake. Yet I still felt unfilled.  I suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life.  I hit the darkest places.  I lost hope.

I started searching for answers and becoming more and more aware that the key to feeling better was connecting to my soul. Understanding the beliefs and stories I was currently living by and then shifting my mindset and behaviors that I had robotically been living on repeat for 35 years.  I recognized the energy patterns that kept my life on a loop of hopelessness and I made a choice to change that story.  The deeper I connected to my soul and found love and compassion for myself, the energy within me shifted and my reality started to change.  I started seeing proof that we can shift our reality when we shift our energy. Emotional abundance is the road map to financial abundance.  We have a built in GPS system, we just have never been taught how to listen. 

Now I help others unlock that energy to a life full of peace and prosperity. Let me help you change your story!

My strengths as a coach, is that I guide you back to yourself in a very simple way.  I am a non-judgmental person who loves fiercely and can hold space for any experience you may have gone through.  I am a great listener, teacher and healer. 


We are all children of God and I want to help you connect back to your divinity. 

Connection to your soul, is the journey